Lendario Das Aguas JM Stallion

Lendario is now owned and standing Stallion at Flying Oaks Ranch. He was imported from the Haras Das Aguas JM farm in Southern Brazil by Claudia Bellandi in 2016. He is a excellent example of a Mangalarga Marchador with improved bloodlines focusing on great confirmation and a faster Marcha. JM continues to work with some of the older bloodlines to bring out these qualities in modern day Marchadors.

Lendario Das Aguas JM Stallion

How are Mangalarga Marchadors used?

It is a horse without borders, very versatile and not limited to any single discipline. In Brazil, it excels at working cattle, jumping, endurance, playing polo, dressage and of course trail riding.

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Docile nature, undying stamina and regal bearing, smooth and fluid ride even at high speeds.