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What Is A Mangalarga Marchador?
The Mangalarga Marchador is a 200 year old breed of ancient Iberian bloodlines. It was developed in Brazil in the 1800s when the King of Portugal, fearing Napoleon’s invasion, fled to Brazil with his Royal Alter stallions. In Brazil, one of these stallions, Sublime, was crossed with Spanish Barbs and the smooth gaited Jennet to produce the Marchador
The Marchador is an outstanding saddle horse with athleticism, stamina, beauty, pleasing temperament and unique gait.

How Is the Marchador Used?
It is a horse without borders, very versatile and not limited to any single discipline. In Brazil, it excels at working cattle, hunting, jumping, endurance, playing polo, dressage and, of course, pleasure riding. The Marchador made history as an endurance horse appearing in the Guinness book of World Records for the longest horse trip ever- over 8,500 miles in a one year period.

What Makes the Marchador Unique?
The Marchador is a true sport horse that also is gaited. Some have the smooth lateral picada gait similar to other Spanish Paso breeds or other gaited breeds, but many display a unique gait, called Batida. In this gait, lateral and diagonal pairs alternate, but with moments of triple support. Often to the human eye; no “gait” is detected. The Batida gait is a tireless, ground covering gait with speeds as high as 15 miles an hour.

What Size and Color Does the Marchador Come In?
The Marchador ranges from 14.2 to 16 H, averaging about 15H in height and is of medium build. They come in many colors; bay, black, buckskin, chestnut, grey, roan, palomino and pinto.

Is the Marchador a rare breed?
Yes, in North America, but not in its native country. In Brazil the Marchador is the National Horse and numbers over 300,000. It has been exported to 21 countries. Germany has the largest population outside of Brazil. Only recently has the breed come to the U.S. where it numbers under 300 individuals.

Who Controls the Registration of the Marchador?
In Brazil, the ABCCMM, the Association of Brazilian Marchador owners sets the registration rules. So demanding are their standards for the Marcha confirmation and disposition – that Marchadors, at the age of three, must be tested by ABCCMM technicians if they are to be permanently registered.
Only if a Marchador passes the test does the horse receive permanent registration and allowed to breed. The proven horse is branded with the ABCCMM brand, a horse shoe with an M in the middle. (This brand is officially trademarked by the ABCCMM in Brazil and in the U.S)
In the U.S. and Canada, The USMMA, an affiliate of the ABCCMM, registers Marchadors and seeks to maintain the standards of the breed.

Why Is the Marchador Perfect?
In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In horses, it’s temperament, temperament, temperament. The Marchador has great intelligence and a desire to please. Once trained, it is a trust-worthy mount, suitable for all ages – toddlers to senior citizens.
The Marchador is a working horse breed. It is built solid and square with lots of energy to go all day. The 200 year legacy of breeding and the inspection process guarantee consistency and quality in the breed.
Plus, they are beautiful, proud Iberian horses.
The Brazilians say it best. “One breed, one passion”!

The U.S. Mangalarga Marchador Association, USMMA, was founded in 2004 to promote the introduction of the Mangalarga Marchador horse breed here.

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