The Ranch

The RanchRick and Liz Schatz are the proud owners of Flying Oaks Ranch, and are Marchador enthusiasts. They specialize in raising and training Marchadors with a passion for excellence in each individual. Their ranch, nestled in the Tall Grass Prairies of Northern Oklahoma, features top of the line ranch, performance, and pleasure horses.

Some of the foundation bloodlines that can be found at Flying Oaks Ranch are Abaiba, Herdade, and Tabatinga. Rick and Liz also helped to introduce the Marchador breed to the United States by partnering with Cascade Marchadors in Oregon.

Flying Oaks Ranch raises horses in their natural environment.  For example, our stallions Ator and Lendario run free with the mares in the pasture.  This allows for pasture breeding and pasture foaling.

In the fall, all horses are brought in for vaccinations, worming, farrier work, and to wean the foals. The weaned foals are moved to a barn and paddock with daily feeding, and handling throughout the winter months. In the barn area, there is a loading area with a standard livestock trailer. This trailer is open at all times giving the weaned foals a chance to have daily play time in the trailer,and getting them acquainted to trailers at same time. In the spring, the weaned foals are turned loose into the pastures, and are only handled two times a year, until they are two or three years of age.

Flying Oaks Ranch believes this give the young horses a chance to grow in a natural habitat, which contributes to a more confident, and well-rounded horse.  As foals start going through training, it becomes apparent that the confidence they gained in the pasture follows them throughout their training, and into their adult life.

Want to visit us? You are always welcome at Flying Oaks Ranch near Kaw City, Oklahoma to see all of our fabulous horses and experience one of the smoothest rides possible on horseback.

our horses

Docile nature, undying stamina and regal bearing, smooth and fluid ride even at high speeds.